Hey everyone, the main gate at the business park is closed on the weekends but you can use the code 6220 to open it. We are on the back side of the building on the right - our doors will be open. By the way, we have a plan to solve the closed-gate-on-the-weekend rule but you have to come to the open house to find out! ;) ...

I received this e-mail today...

"To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Gregory Korn and I am contacting you from Bray Entertainment, the creators of the show All American Makers, currently airing it's first season on the Science Channel. I am reaching out to you to because we are now in the process of casting for more episodes of All American Makers and we wanted to know if you know of anybody who uses your makerspace that would be interested? They must have a working prototype of their invention. Here is a link with more information on the show: press.discovery.com/us/sci/programs/all-american-makers/

Please let me know if you know of anybody who might be interested and I would be happy to share further details with you.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you."

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll forward his contact info.

Anything going on in here? I would love to meet some other local maker-types. ...

Temporary Makerspace

Hello? Anyone still there?

You may have been wondering why we’ve been silent for the past month. Well, we found a perfect place in Katy that is within our initial budget so we’ve been working on the commercial lease for it. We wanted to wait until the papers were signed before making another post but the days turned into weeks and we are still waiting on an answer from the building owner. Now we hear that there are other applicants so we might not even get the space after all.

Not to worry, you can’t keep a good maker down! There are other spaces for lease in Katy so finding a home for Katy Makerspace will not be a problem. However, we are a bit wiser about how long it apparently takes to make a commercial lease deal so it could potentially be another month or two before we can finalize everything.

What can we do until then? We need a place to meet up regularly and the park is getting a little cold these days. So, we (Izzy and I) have decided to show how committed we are to the maker community by opening our home as a temporary makerspace until we have an official lease. Specifically, our garage has been our personal makerspace for years with all the tools and work areas so now it is open to all our members. We are working on converting a room or two in the house as well but we’re still working out the details on that. Since it is our home, all we ask is that you respect our privacy by staying in the areas designated as “makerspace” and visit only during our official open hours which are from 2pm to 10pm every day unless otherwise posted.

Remember, to visit the makerspace you have to be a member but we will have a free open house once a month where everyone is welcome to come out and see what’s going on. Monthly Open House details can be found on our Meetup page. If you would like to become a member, all memberships are 50% off until we get a permanent space and have our grand opening. Your membership dollars will help us with all the initial costs of opening and getting moved in so please join us and help build the Katy Makerspace!

Online Store Now Open!

At long last, the online store is now working and officially open. We tested a complete order, including the shipping to verify the process so we are now ready to fill orders. Here are a few important bits of information about the online store.

  • We will be using PayPal for merchant services so you know all transactions will be secure. We do not store any credit card information.
  • We currently offer USPS shipping to the United States and will be expanding shipping options in the future.
  • New products will be added each week.
  • The first product we have for sale is the Arduino UNO for $29.99!

We want to provide a large array of the electronics, robotics, and other supplies makers use most. If there is something you would like us to carry that we don’t already, tell us in the comments or send us an e-mail.


Greetings to all makers in the Katy/West Houston area and welcome to the new website! Our first post was going to announce the date of our grand opening but the most unfortunate thing happened – the building we were going to lease and were all set to move in to was bought out at the last minute by another business. So, we will have to only exist through our website and weekly maker meetings until we can find another home in Katy.

So, what kind of makerspace are we? Whatever you want us to be! What I mean is we will always be listening to our members to evolve the space by providing the tools and supplies you want most. Initially, we will have:

  • Computer/Electronics Lab - an array of workstations with lots of make/tinker space, basic engineering/electronics tools, computer w/ internet, plus a very large shared work table
  • Print Room - large color laser copier w/ 11×17 support, B/W 36″ laser plotter, CNC/3D Printer
  • Library - many tech/diy books and magazines (anyone remember those?)
  • Shop - various wood tools like table saws and drill presses, powered and conventional hand tools
  • Retail - most makerspaces don’t have “retail” in their business model but we felt it was important to not only provide the space and tools, but to also provide common supplies like electronic components, wood, hardware, etc.
  • Scrap Yard - when members are finished with a project and have left over material or extra parts that would otherwise be discarded, we encourage them to add it to the scrap yard for others to freely salvage.
  • Workshops and Events - with classes on a variety of subjects from “Intro to Arduino” to “Advanced Quad-copter”, build contests, member parties, and more, there will always be something going on at the Katy Makerspace!

We have several storage units full of everything we need build all those areas, we just need a building to put them in! Until then, check us out on facebook! Twitter, YouTube, and other media channels coming soon.